Vashikaran Attraction Mantra

Vashikaran Attraction Mantra

Mohini Vidhya or मोहिनी विद्या  in Hindi is the ancient Hindu science of attraction. The use of mantras of unique frequencies is used along with certain rituals to cast a spell of attraction over someone or even a spell of mass attraction. The science of Mohini Vidhya can be traced to the Hindu Goddess Mohini Devi who is the only female manifestation of Vishnu, the Protective force out of the Hindu trinity of the Creator, the protector and the Destroyer or Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Vishnu manifested as Mohini, an unparalleled beauty, in order to attract and destroy Bhasmasur an invincible demon.

Vashikaran Mantras or वशीकरण मंत्र are the same as Mohini Mantras,as theses mantras are also used for the purpose of attraction.Vashikaran Mantras were popularized by the Navanath’s or Nine Masters and saints.These mantras were composed in the commonly spoken script of the day,for the masses,as the masses did not understand Sanskrit.These mantras are from the Shaabri Vidhya Branch. Shaabri/ शबरीwas a great devotee of Shri Ram,the seventh incarnation of Vishnu.

There are other mantras of attraction owing their origin to Kamdev/कामदेव, the Hindu God of love and attraction. The Kamdev mantras are exclusively for the attraction of the opposite sex.

Ancient Indian culture has mantras and practices of keeping under control people who have gone astray, have left families, gone to other lovers, deserted homes and of course the situation where the boss is unkind and does not pass on the deserving promotion or increment.

Readers, please remember, these mantras are all widely publicized and practiced, but are effective only when the sadhaka(practitioner) has faith in them and practices them regularly.

1. Vashikaran(To control a person to do your hearts bidding):

Vashikaran in English means to control someones thought as per your wishes and to make him do your hears bidding. This mantra is to be used for others by the practitioner or the Sadhaka. It brings others in their control. This mantra should be used for couples whose relations are strained or for superiors, officers, ministers, colleagues etc. This mantra should not be used for bad and nefarious activities. It should not be used to control others husbands and wives and the like. Without any doubt this mantra will work and the mantra is as follows;

“Om namoh Sarvaloka Vashikarayeh Kuru Kuru Sawaha”

How to use the mantra: All Hindu Vedic Mantras are to best practiced in the morning after bath and when all other personal activities are done and completed. Chant the mantra atleast 108 times everyday, it is best done with a rosary. On the day of the Pushya Nakshatra, take the root of the Punarava plant and after reciting this mantra 7 times, tie it to your right arm, it is believed, all will be kind and generous to you.
2. Aakarshan: (to attract someone of your hearts desire):

Upon getting up in the morning first wash your face with water, then Abhimantrit (bound by reciting a mantra) small mug of water while reciting this mantra and holding the mug of water in your hand, then drink the water in the mug, taking the name of the person you wish to attract, do this seven times one after the other. It is said that doing this brings that person under your spell of attraction.

Om chimichimi swaha ll   ॐ चिमिचिमि स्वाहा ll

3. Aakarshan(Part II):

This mantra has to be recited for a month taking the name of the person you wish to attract, this will bring that person under you spell of attraction after a month.

Amuli mahamuli chutchassarvasnshetrajenopdravabheya swaha ll अमूली महामुली छुठछससर्वसंक्षेत्रजेनोपद्रवभेय स्वाहा ll

4. Special Diwali Day Attraction/Aakarshan Mantra

ॐ नमो नमो भगवती मंगलेश्वरी सर्वसुखराजिनी सर्वघरंमातंगी कुमरिके लघु लघु वशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll


Om namo namo bhagvati mangaleshwari sarvasukhraajini sarvagharmaatangi kumarike laghu laghu vash kuru kuru swaha ll
This Mantra has to be recited 1000 times to acquire Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra. After acquiring Siddhi the following experiments given below can be tried as per the Rudrayamala Tantra. On the 4th or 6th day of the Krushna Paksh [dark or second fortnight of any month] as per the Hindu lunar calendar, one is advised to fast. On this day uproot the Sahedevi plant along with the root.

1. Grind the root to paste and eat a little bit with a beetel leave. It is said that who ever sees you will come under your spell of attraction.
2. Grind to paste Sahedevi root along with Gorochan in water, after having bath. Then apply this paste as Tilak [Hindu religious mark on the forehead].Doing this it is said brings whoever sees you under your spell of attraction.

3. Or putting the paste on the forehead of the person you wish to attract will bring that person under your spell of attraction.

5. Mohini Matra: (Mantras to control someones thoughts):

This Mantra is a Shaabri Mantra of the nine Masters the Navanath’s.This is a Mantra of attraction which can attract anyone and any thing. These Mantras are called Mohini Mantras.Mohini is the only female manifestation of Bhagwan Vishnu. This manifestation has the unique power to attract anything.

This Mantra has to recited 21 times on the night of the Hindu festival of Diwali,and Til or Sesame oil should be abhimintrit or bound by this Mantra, and a Tilak should be applied on the forehead. It is said that the person doing so will be able attract anyone and make them do his bidding.

Gram Mohini Mantra

Telse yaha tel raja praja paoun mel pokhari paani masko aa lagaya yoni mere paya lagaya haat khadag birage gale phulo ki maala jaani vijanie gorakh jaanai meri gaati ko kahaie n koi haat pachano mukh dhoun sumiro niranjan kar dev hanumanth yati haamari pati rakhe mohini dohani dono bahini avo mohani raval chlaie mukh bole jheeb mohu asha mohu pash mohu sab sansare mohu nisar bandi deha lalat shabdh sacha furo mantra ishwari vacha ll

ग्राम मोहिनी मंत्र
तेलसे यह तेल राजा प्रजा पाॐ मेल पोखरी पानी मसको आ लगाय योनि मेरे पाय लगाय हात खडग बिराजे गले फुलो कि माला जानि  विजानै गोरख जानै मेरी गति को कहै न कोय हात पछानो मुख धोॐ सुमिरो निरंजन कर देव हनुमंत यती हमारी पति राखे मोहिनी दोहनी  दोनों बहिनी अवो  मोहनी रावल  चलै मुख बोले जीभ मोहू आशा मोहू पाश मोहू  सब संसारे मोहू निसर बन्दी देह ललाट शब्द साचा फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरी  वाचा ll

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