Curse Removal Spells

Do you feel that somebody has placed a curse upon you at some point during your life?  White magic cleansing spells can remove these for you immediately. Furthermore this spell will completely protect you from all future negative outside influences. Therefore, if anybody does attempt to place a curse or a hex on you in the future it will simply bounce back on them three fold.


To successfully remove curses and hexes by yourself isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

You need two things – one force to “draw out” the curses and hexes, and another acting to “push out” these foreign energy viruses that cause disturbances and misfortune, like the proverbial thorn in our side.

Finally, you need to heal the damage the curse or hex has caused you.

Here is a simple old fashioned gypsy spell to remove curses and hexes by yourself.

Curses & Hexes DIY Removal Spell

Get a piece of wax paper or another kind of strong paper.
Write on it carefully what you know about the curses/hexes, like who cast them, or where they came from, and/or when this started (the date). If you don’t know any details, just write “My two curses or hexes” on the paper so that we all know what this for and what it’s going to do.

Place three spoonfuls of salt (rock salt, or sea salt, or just ordinary table salt) into the paper and make a bundle out of it that you can tie to a piece of string.

Wear it over your heart for three days and three nights.

The salt will draw out the curses or hexes and take them into itself.

On the morning of the fourth day, open the package, and let water wash the salt away. You can do this in a river or by an ocean shore, scatter it outside when it is raining hard, or simply in your sink if you have no access to flowing water elsewhere.

Burn the paper and the string.

Wear a rose quartz pendant or a healing or lucky charm you already own over the heart for 9 days after that, so that whatever was damaged by the presence of the curse or hex gets healed and restored, and your defense systems grow strong again.

Sending good luck with this also and blessings,


NB: For those who are wanting to learn magic, this is a good spell to do for yourself. Just write “my curses” on the paper to cover the bases and run the spell.

Note what you think and dream about during the three days when you wear the charm, and also, pay close attention to what happens when you let the flowing water take the contaminated salt away for cleansing by nature itself.


Ways to Remove Negativity

Negativity Within Yourself
Negativity feeds on fear and anxiety so try to focus on the things that you want to do versus all of the things that you don’t have.  Your own thoughts create your reality so make a list of the positive things that you do have in your life, what are some positive actions you could be taking every day….that includes walks out in the fresh air to clean your energetic field, having lunch with a good and trusted friend, making plans to achieve something that you have have dreamed of, meditating, saying prayers to connect to the Divine, reading inspirational books.  Every day do something uplifting for your own Spirit and Soul.  The negativity starts within then radiates outward to attract negative events to you so clean up your own inner house first.  Be the master of your own destiny.


Negativity Within Your Relationships
Minimize toxic relationships by changing your own attitude and your own way of dealing with the person first.  While this one is a little tricky if you are married or in a long term relationships by changing how you deal with the person or the crisis that is created by the toxic relationship you can become healthier and more positive in the relationships.  While you cannot change the other person you can read books on toxic relationships and you can control the hot buttons that consistently create challenges between you and your mate.  Set healthier boundaries for yourself.  Make a list of what is acceptable to you and what is not acceptable to you.  Be a seeker of being around positive people, high vibration people.  The more you are around negative people the less time you have to be around negative people who bring you down.  Set boundaries with the negative people in your life.

Negativity Within Your Environment
Does your living space reflect your inner turmoil by being cluttery, messy or not appealing to the eye?  Clean up your living space to reflect what you are wanting in your outer life.  Clean those closets, excessive clutter attracts negativity.  If you are on limited funds, designate a space in a room and make that little old space beautiful with things and items that uplift you or that you think are beautiful.  Do you need to spruce up your appearance or get rid of old clothes that are bogging you down.  Make way for the new by cleaning your home and take stock of your physical appearance and make uplifting changes to increase your self confidence.  Get involved with your community where you live.  Volunteer and get involved with your neighbors, when you go to work be a positive and upbeat person and create by your attitude positive energy in your office environment.  You can not only raise your own vibration but you can raise the vibration of those who come around you.  You can not only be your own blessing but a blessing to others.

Accept Personal Responsibility For Yourself First
Stop the blame game and projecting and/or blaming other people for your misfortune or unhappiness.  If you are not happy – change it!  By changing your circumstances and choosing happiness versus unhappiness it can act like a catalyst to get you back into the positive mainstream of life.  Even small steps of taking notice of your negative thoughts, journaling and becoming aware on a daily basis of what you are thinking about can lead you to a more fulfilling and happier life by switching those negative mindsets to more uplifting ones that will assist you in creating the abundance and the love that you desire.  If you are grieving over a love relationship, loss of job or financial ruin take those baby steps in rebuilding your life.  If you are waiting endlessly for a lover to return, put a time limit on how long you are going to wait before you open that door to the house of love and begin the journey of attracting and finding new love.

Spirituality, Meditation, Prayer
If you life has gotten so low that you feel helpless or isolated in turning it around then pray, meditate, surround yourself with your guardian angels.  With so much information on the internet today be a seeker of inspirational prayers, informative articles on how to meditate.  Keep positive and uplifting books of hope and inspiration by your bed.  Pray for protection that all negativity and negative thought-forms will be prevented from permeating your aura.  Connect to the higher part of you – your Spirit that houses all of the most glorious and uplifting ideas and concepts of who you really are versus who you think you are or who you became of life circumstances.  Get back to your core values.  Select a time in your life when you had it all – how did you look, how did you feel, what were you doing, how were you acting.  Prayer is the number one way to uplift yourself immediately and the number one way to ask the higher power that you call upon to surround you with protection from all known or unknown negative energies and negative thought forms from other people.  Pray for protection from all evil spirits, negative thought-forms.

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